Drive Traffic To Your Website The Right Way

So, you’ve created a professional and uniquely designed website, but you’re finding that you have hardly any traffic heading your way.

With so much competition out there you need to know the best ways to grab peoples’ attention and send them to your site.

That is why we have created this blog post to show you how to do this efficiently. It’s not as difficult as you may think and before you know it business will be booming!

Create rich and engaging content

From the get go your site needs to have valuable content that your readers will want and need to read. Catching their attention with a good headline that jumps out at you will increase the chances of it getting viewed on social media.

When it comes to the actual content you want to help your visitors achieve a goal, solve their problems and be entertained. Always make sure you are creating content that isn’t copied from another site, set up a team of writers who can give you amazing and original content that will make you stand out among the others.

Vary the type of content you produce by using long and short formats, incorporate videos, images and infographics that will capture the attention of your readers. Make sure that you are writing your articles frequently to keep your readers coming back for more.

Also, remember to tag your articles correctly and use SEO (search engine optimisation) to help people find your site when typing key words into search engine’s.

Advertise like there’s no tomorrow!

One of the number one ways in which to increase traffic is to advertise your services, product and content through paid search, social media advertising and display advertising. This will not only create awareness for your brand, but you can build upon it and get your site in front of a wider audience that can be tailor made for your niche.

A little bit can go a long way and soon you could be generating hundreds, maybe thousands, of clicks to your site using calls-to-actions, links and graphics.

Get yourself onto social media

The 21st century is a wonderful time for businesses. Nearly all your target audience is online on social media platforms such as twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. By joining these communities, you can expand your reach to a new audience that will love to see your content.

When you are on these sites you must be responsive to followers or you will lose them. Join in on their conversations where they mention your business or something that is related to your niche. By using trending hashtags and replying to their comments and questions you will be able to keep them hooked.

The key with social media is that you don’t want to come off as spam, so it is best to choose when and what to post. On twitter you can get away with posting every hour with retweets in-between, but on facebook you need to be more selective. The hard work will pay off eventually when you are driving traffic your way.

Here are some more helpful tips and tricks

Now that you know the most important ways to drive traffic to your site, we thought we’d give you a few extra helpful tips:

  • Even though this is a more traditional method, email marketing can work wonders when it comes to advertising. While this may not necessarily get a brand-new audience to visit your site, it will keep the attention of those who already know who you are. This works well so long as you don’t send them emails all the time or else it will become spam to them.
  • Nowadays people aren’t always browsing the internet using their desktops and laptops, so your site needs to be responsive. There is nothing worse than having to zoom in and out all the time on a site that isn’t compatible with mobiles and tablets. You will lose traffic before you can even think about changing your design.
  • Check out your competition! The easiest way to see what kind of advertising works is to check out how other websites who specialise in your niche are faring. It will help you to have a better idea of what works and what doesn’t. This will also help you to realise what content people are searching for so that you can create your own content that emulates that.

Join us here at Sparkhouse!

If you decide to become a tenant here at Sparkhouse we can offer you some amazing perks! Some of which are the following:

  • An assigned mentor to guide you
  • Seminars and workshops to offer helpful advice and tools
  • Networking events to help expand your reach

These are only a taste of what you can receive with our start-up package for businesses.

To take a look at our facilities click here or call 01522 837 200 to arrange an informal meeting to discuss your business plans and have a tour!


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